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Little Z's Sleep Podcast

Feb 19, 2020

It's a question I receive every single week, "My child is _____ months/years old. Is it too late to sleep train them?" 

The answer is NO!!! It's not! I firmly believe it's never too late to teach a child to sleep. (That's why adult sleep consultants are a thing!) 

On today's episode I'm speaking with Jessica who recently completed the Preschool Sleep E-Coaching™ Program with her 3 year old daughter Lucy. Jessica shares it ALL! What things were like prior to sleep training, how the process worked, hiccups along the way and what sleep looks like 1 month out of the training. 

We even had bonus coaching time to talk through questions about Lucy's sleep! If you have a friend with a sleep-less child who thinks, "One day they'll figure it out" THIS is the episode to share!!!! 


Preschool Sleep E-Coaching Program

Not preschool? Find the right Sleep Program!

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