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Little Z's Sleep Podcast

Feb 7, 2020

You might have heard your mom friends talk about a "sleep regression" but what is a sleep regression?! We're taking a step back to get to the basics of what a regression is, what causes a sleep regression and how you can help your child through. 

In this Episode I cover sleep regressions that happen at:

  • 8-9 Weeks Old 
  • 4 Months Old
  • 8 Months Old
  • 10 Months Old
  • 12 Months Old
  • 18 Months Old
  • 22-24 Months Old
  • 2.5 Years Old
  • ...even adult regressions!

You'll even hear an audio clip from the Little Z's Sleep Society video, "10 Months: What To Expect"

Imagine having a road map of every possible regression/scenerio for your child from ages 0-5 Years Old!!! Inside the Sleep Society you'll have access to 80+ videos (more added every month) covering sleep regressions, travel, developmental trends and more!! See all the details on joining the Sleep Society!