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Little Z's Sleep Podcast

May 16, 2019

When I wrap up a two week program with a 1:1 family, our final phone call is always about travel! Parents are always terrified about taking their now rock-star sleeper on the road! But the thing is, you’re actually WAY more free to enjoy life and travels when your child knows exactly how to sleep independently!

On this week’s episode I’m sharing how to handle sleep away from home, specifically at Grandparent’s houses and hotels. Both of these can be stressful situations, but with the sleep skills your child learns through Sleep E-Coaching AND the're all set!!


>>Blackout EZ Covers to set up at Grandparent’s house

>>Buy the SlumberPod! Use code LITTLEZSLEEP10 to save $10 on your pod!

>>Find your sleep program to begin a few weeks prior to vacation!