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Little Z's Sleep Podcast

Oct 4, 2018

Hey there! I’m Becca Campbell, your pediatric sleep consultant, and this is the Little Z’s Sleep Podcast Episode #31 - all about toddler clocks. This is very fresh in my memory because if you’ve been following me on instagram @littlezsleep you have seen the journey of my two girls and why we have recently implemented our clock. 

On today’s podcast I’m actually going to treat this like you are my client, and I’m going to walk through why you might need a toddler clock, how you should set it up, which types and brands I prefer, and give you some realistic expectations for using them. I know it might sound as easy as throwing a clock in their room and off you go, but there’s actually a lot to it! We have to ease them in.

In this episode I'm reviewing: 

-What age to use a toddler clock
-How to introduce the new clock
-What types I recommend (see links below)
-Setting expectations for the first few mornings
-How to motivate your child to use them



"Becca helped us tremendously and I highly recommend her. We were having problems with our 3.5 year old fighting bed time (kicking and screaming for 2 hours per night), waking up in the night and only wanting to be consoled by daddy, and waking up before 6 a.m. We were hopeless and fearful that he would wake up our 16 month old, so catered to his demands. Becca helped us immediately and after 1 week, we consistently had 0 night wakings and bedtime wasn't a fight. To be completely honest, I was skeptical that she could help us, thinking I'd read books and articles on my own and nothing would help, he just didn't need sleep. But, that wasn't true and my husband and I are both happy with our decision to seek help, particularly with Becca. Her advice and custom plan helped us tackle bedtime routine in an aligned way. She also talked through scenarios when our 15 month old unexpectedly started having sleep issues. I can say that we wouldn't have the peaceful nights that we are having now without her. She has given us back our free time at night, which is truly invaluable." -Virginia, mom to 3.5 year old boy



Ooly More Sleep

Hatch Baby Rest

OK To Wake Clock

Kid'Sleep Classic



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