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Little Z's Sleep Podcast

Sep 6, 2018

The benefits of sleep training are endless! However, not everyone is ready to make change in baby's sleep. Change is hard, and especially for a few specific people in your child's life. 

In this episode Becca is walking you through the people who you really need to prepare before beginning your sleep training journey! Both Grandparents and Siblings are wonderful cheerleaders for your child, but often can cause some woes in sleep training methods. 

Learn practical strategies on how to prepare Grandma & Grandpa (or Aunts & Uncles!) for sleep training. We want them on our side, but it's best to have your plan outlined in detail so they can easily participate!! 

For your older kiddos, let's make sure they are also full read-in on what's about to happen. Let them know sleep training is happening, and support their individual emotions through the process too. 

*I love the Dohm Sound Machine for an extra layer of "noise" between Baby & Sibling!*

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