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Little Z's Sleep Podcast

Sep 28, 2020

If you're a toddler parent, you don't want to miss this episode! Toddlers can be full of joy and love one moment and pull-your-hair-out challening the next. All in all, your toddler longs to be in charge! Empowering your toddler Rene Thomsen of Parenting Littles joins me on episode 113 to talk through the power of...

Sep 21, 2020

2020 has been a...different...kind of year, right? If you've noticed that your toddler or preschooler (or even YOU!) takes quite a while to fall asleep at bedtime, these natural remedies are for you to try out. Best news?! You can try them tonight! No waiting needed. 

(Remember this podcast is not medical advice and if...

Sep 14, 2020

Are you a nursing mama who is getting ready to head back to work? Morgan Jackson (RN, IBCLC) is joining me on the Podcast to talk through how to prepare your baby and yourself for the transition of EBF to pumping. 

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Sep 14, 2020

I'm baaaaack!!!! And I've missed this podcast over the summer. But lots has happened! New home, new offices, new school for season!! As we get back into the Podcast after a busy summer, I'm really looking forward to continuing my mission of helping you resolve your child's exhausting sleep habits....