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Little Z's Sleep Podcast

Oct 25, 2018

It's the #1 excuse I hear!!!

  • "Becca, my child is teething so I have to rock them to sleep." 
  • "I know they are teething so should I not sleep train until it's over?"
  • "Teething is the worst! They stopped sleeping in their bed and only want me!" 

You're probably not going to enjoy my message today, but I'm just not...

Oct 25, 2018

There's nothing more pathetic than a sick baby! And while sleep is the best medicine to help your baby or toddler overcome not feeling well, inevitably sickness will disrupt sleep. 

Today Becca sharing her favorite tools & strategies to help your little sleeper still get the most out of their Zzz's and feel better...

Oct 18, 2018

If you've been a client of mine, you've heard me say this phrase a thousand times...

"Tell me about bedtime routine." 

Ya'll, EVERYTHING goes back to bedtime routine! It's so important to have a solid routine that cues your baby for sleep. I love creating a simple bedtime routine with families that is stress-free,...

Oct 11, 2018

Any of these situations sound familiar...

  • You're laying with your child until they fall asleep each night.
  • Phrases like, "One more!" or "No!" reign during your child's bedtime
  • Somehow YOUR bed has turned into your child's bed
  • You can't keep your kid in their own bed after you say goodnight
  • Bedtime routine has now...

Oct 4, 2018

Hey there! I’m Becca Campbell, your pediatric sleep consultant, and this is the Little Z’s Sleep Podcast Episode #31 - all about toddler clocks. This is very fresh in my memory because if you’ve been following me on instagram @littlezsleep you have seen the journey of my two girls and why we have recently...