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Little Z's Sleep Podcast

May 14, 2020

This is a podcast in a series on how REAL families do their bedtime routines for their kids. This week I have 3 amazing moms who are all solo parenting while Dad is at work.

Sarah- Has 2 young boys and husband is a detective who leaves home at 2PM until late nights

Catherine- Has 1 young son and husband is a nurse who works night shifts

Lindsay- Has 1 young toddler and husband works on-call for the railroad

Each mom has their own unique story and family and I've asked them to share how THEY do their routines solo. We recorded these as three separate interviews and pieced them together in a way that covers three main topics:

1) Share what is unique about their family

2) Share tips they have for solo parenting

3) Walk us through what your schedule/routine looks like

Last, I want to remind you that these are amazing moms who have made decisions that are right for their family - and that is what this is all about - so as much as I encourage you all to leave reviews and comments, let’s be mindful that these are great moms who have courageously joined me on the podcast to put their stories out there to the world...and that is what I love so much about our Little Z’s families.


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