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Little Z's Sleep Podcast

Sep 5, 2019

The Little Z’s Sleep Society is OPEN and waiting for you!!! 


No matter how hard you worked to sleep train your child, or how much confidence you have right NOW with your child's sleep...they are GOING to grow and change.

The 4 month regression is going to totally change your child's sleep. Your baby is going to be so excited to crawl, they'll start screaming when you try to get them down for a nap. Your toddler is going to stop having a bottle at bedtime. Your child is going to potty train and you'll be wondering how to do this while keeping them in a crib all night. 

CHANGE IS GOING TO HAPPEN. But it's not something to feel anxious or frustrated by! In the Little Z's Sleep Society you'll constantly have a resources at your fingertips to watch, listen and begin working towards updated strategies as your child grows.