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Little Z's Sleep Podcast

Feb 14, 2019

Any time we make change with your child, there is protest. So yes, with Sleep Training, crying is involved. On today's episode Becca is sharing her insight into crying and sleep training.

Here's what she covers:

  • What true Cry-It-Out Method is
  • How the line from CIO to No-Cry Sleep Training works with my sleep philosophy
  • How much protest you can expect on Night 1 of Sleep Training
  • When you should be seeing success with your Sleep Training Plan
  • Why you might be having MORE crying before you even begin sleep training

Research on Sleep Training & Crying:

The following articles are here to support our process, and explain how sleep training is the most beneficial skill you can teach your baby:

Helping Babies Learn to Cope with Stress & Sleep Well

AAP 5 Year Follow Up of Benefits & Harm to Sleep Training

Sleep Linked to Better Cognitive Development

Ready to get a plan to see results?