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Little Z's Sleep Podcast

Jan 31, 2019

Did you know that every baby has reflux? But only some babies have GERD! Join Becca as she sits down with Dr. Janet West of RVA Baby to talk about what reflux is, degrees of severity, tactics to manage reflux, when to seek diagnosis, how it effects baby as they grow...and how this impacts sleep! Or does it?! 

Dr. Janet West is a prominent Pediatrician in the Richmond, Virginia area with 20 years of experience in Pediatrics. She now works 1:1 with newborn mothers and their 0-3 month olds coming straight to their home for all check-ups during the beginning of baby's life. See how Dr. West can come to you by visiting >> RVA BABY

**This episode is not here to diagnose your child, only to offer education and insight into reflux and GERD. Please discuss with your child's Pediatrician about starting treatments for GERD, and to further diagnose.**

After listening:

Now that your GERD baby can sleep train, let's get started making sleep a thing! Join Becca through 1:1 work or courses. 

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