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Little Z's Sleep Podcast

Feb 27, 2020

Taking your child out to eat can sometimes feel like a buffet of french fries and macaroni. It's so frustrating to find limited options! Kacie Barnes of Mama Knows Nutrition joins me on the podcast to discuss how to make choices when going out to eat. We discuss how splitting a meal can help them explore new textures...

Feb 19, 2020

It's a question I receive every single week, "My child is _____ months/years old. Is it too late to sleep train them?" 

The answer is NO!!! It's not! I firmly believe it's never too late to teach a child to sleep. (That's why adult sleep consultants are a thing!) 

On today's episode I'm speaking with Jessica who...

Feb 13, 2020

You love your baby, but sometimes you just hit a wall....What are you supposed to do all day?? Or rather, what to do between nap times!? Hannah Fathi of the rapidly growing Instagram account, @BabyPlayHacks joins me on the Podcast to why she started her account, her mission to help provide a resource for moms,...

Feb 7, 2020

You might have heard your mom friends talk about a "sleep regression" but what is a sleep regression?! We're taking a step back to get to the basics of what a regression is, what causes a sleep regression and how you can help your child through. 

In this Episode I cover sleep regressions that happen at:

  • 8-9 Weeks...