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Little Z's Sleep Podcast

Mar 29, 2018

Episode #7 - What Just Happened?


Have you ever started your car to find the “Check Engine” light glaring at you?


Have you ever looked in the mirror and realized your perfect haircut last month has all but grown away and disappeared?


Have you ever stepped on the scale in amazement at what skipping the gym for...

Mar 29, 2018

You ask, I answer! Here are three questions that came in this week from instagram @littlezsleep


Question #1: What is it like to work with a sleep consultant? Let me share with you what I look for and how I get a family started


Question #2: What else can I do besides using a timer to get my toddler ready for bed and...

Mar 22, 2018

Is your child's bedtime routine taking an hour or more each night? "One more book!" "Potty!" "More hugs!" "One more ____!"

The bedtime stalling game is just that...a game!! Let me give you the winning move with this simple little tool that will completely change your bedtime routine while letting your child win!


Mar 16, 2018

So you've worked so hard to create a GREAT sleeper! Now it's time to enjoy the many benefits of your new normal!! When you have a child who sleeps well you don’t need to be bound by bedtime every night. Life is flexible, and bedtime can be too!

If you need more date nights but feel anxious with how to handle this,...

Mar 8, 2018

This episode is all about answering a few of those “Sticky Questions” I am always asked. But let me ask you one first…

  • Why are parents so quick to comfort their child when crying, yet they themselves are willing to go so long with uncomfortable, sleepless nights?
  • How long is too long for a child to cry?
  • How long...