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Little Z's Sleep Podcast

May 10, 2018

After working with hundreds of families, I've heard parents ask me LOTS of questions. These are the most frequently asked Dad questions I receive. I love talking through these questions with them, and then turning them into sleep believers!!

>> Download the 13 questions Dads most frequently ask me HERE! 

When I speak with a family and Mom says, "I'm ready. But my husband said no because ___________." There are actually three responses I get most often: 

1. "...He wants us to try one more thing." 

2. "...He says this is just a phase." 

3. "...He doesn't think we need to hire someone." 

Now I will say Moms have these questions too, it's just that Dads tend to voice them much more strongly. On today's episode I'm answering these three "My husband says no because..." and sharing 10 more here!


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Music by Chad Campbell