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Little Z's Sleep Podcast

May 3, 2018

There is NO manual that comes with your baby! But now!!! You have Sleep From The Start: Online Newborn Course. My Online Newborn Course is designed to help the expecting mom, the new mom, or the mom again. Perfect for babies 0-12 weeks old, this course will help you lay expectations and routines for baby...creating sanity for everyone! 

This episode is just a 12 minute segment from a one hour interview with Dr. Janet West, Pediatrician (RVA Baby), that you'll get IN the Newborn Course! We answered questions like: What is the difference between gas drops and gripe water? What is gripe water?! How can I know if my baby has reflux? Can you overdose on saline spray?! Can I bring my baby to the beach?

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Here are Dr. West's tips to find a Pediatrician:

1) American Academy of Pediatrics- find a board certified doctor

2) Understand that your relationship with your Pediatrician is more than a service, it's a personal relationship. "It's like shopping for a mate! When you're in distress, you want someone who can be there to support you." 

3) Make sure the doctor office is available for visits!!

4) Doesn't just have to be a Pediatrician- can be a Family Physician you have a great relationship too!

5) Consider your needs: are you high needs? Do you need someone to answer your questions all the time? 

6) Two ways to go with finding a practice: Large Practice with weekend and extended hours vs. Small Practice. Pros and cons to both! 

Going with a Large Practice? Ask these questions:

  • How often do I find my primary care doctor? 
  • Will I see them for every well visit?
  • When I call- do you have a nurse available for questions right away? Is my doctor available if I need to talk with them?
  • How fast will you get back with me? 2 hours? 24 hours?
  • When I call at night- who will I speak to? 
  • Will there be a nurse to answer my questions to decide if I should bring my baby in to the doctor? 
  • When you visit the practice, are there a lot of families there?

"A good physician wants to partner with you."

Going with a Small Practice? Ask these questions:

  • Are there weekend hours or extended hours?
  • Is there a nurse line service who I can talk to when I call to ask questions?
  • Where will you send me after hours?

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