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Little Z's Sleep Podcast

Jun 8, 2020

Getting started with baby led weaning can feel super daunting, and the #1 fear is that your sweet baby will gag or choke on food. To help you overcome this fear I've invited Edwena Kennedy of My Little Eater to share a FREE resource to help you overcome these fears. 

Edwena is a registered pediatric dietitian and mom of two boys from Halifax, Nova Scotia who LOVES to help parents raise healthy little eaters with confidence! She created My Little Eater and her online courses as a simple, straightforward way for parents to get the information, guidance and support they need to take their child along the entire feeding journey without the overwhelm or confusion. She's helped thousands of family find the confidence they were looking for and help turn them into their own feeding experts!

GET THE FREE GUIDE: Overcoming The Fear Of Gagging & Choking