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Little Z's Sleep Podcast

Apr 30, 2020

In the last year or so my inbox has begun to fill up with people asking how they can become a Sleep Consultant. I love my job, and wish this feeling on everyone. But, I don't think Sleep Consulting is for everyone!! On today's episode Melissa Perry of The Cradle Coach Academy is sharing all about how to become a sleep consultant through her online certification program. 

In this episode Melissa shares:

1. Her journey to start The Cradle Coach and TCC Academy

2. What the process of becoming a sleep consultant through TCCA is like

3. How long it takes to complete certification

4. What's included in your certification 

Want to learn more? Visit The Cradle Coach Academy and check out everything they have to offer! Then use code LITTLEZSLEEP to save $500 off of your full payment for the certification program!

I highly recommend this certification program if you're interested in becoming a Sleep Consultant and have fallen in love with everything Melissa offers. In all my research she has the most thorough and value-packed certification program. 

>>Become a Sleep Consultant with The Cradle Coach Academy

Looking to GROW your Sleep Consulting business? The Sleep Sorority could be for you! Earlier this year I started this membership based business to help Sleep Consultants create a business they love, attract their ideal clients and grow their service based business. To learn more about becoming a member, visit The Sleep Sorority website. Membership is always open!